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Letter from our Director:

Students and parents, thank you for trusting us in the past 16 years to help you realize your plans of continuing to overseas colleges and universities and earning quality degrees.

Our partner institutions, we’d also like to thank you and extend the warmest regards for the beautiful years of collaboration and mutual trusts in providing Indonesian secondary-and-above school students recognized, international higher education. Our common understanding of the ever increasing need of such education by students and parents with ever widening international outlook has led us to committing ourselves to striving for first-rate counseling and innovative recruiting efforts.

Our staff members and counselors are always ready to listen to your needs and provide the most suitable advice possible. And we do want to serve you better than yesterday!

Yours faithfully,

Catharina Jenny

Since its founding in 2006, MEDIA Education Services has realized one important facet of our present life-permeating globalization: competitive human resources based on training and education recognized by international members of employers and individuals alike. This phenomenon has definitely taken shape among Indonesian students and parents since the beginning of the 21st century.

VISION: To help mold the Indonesian youth to become valuable citizens of the global village

Hence, we have been providing counseling and related services for the past 13 years to hundreds of high-school students, who have gone to colleges/universities abroad and moved on to starting their careers with international outlook. We’ve also provided help to students pursuing master’s degrees to any of the countries in our network: Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, and USA. We are now excited in spreading the word among our prospective students and parents about our newest addition of country of destination: Ireland.

MISSION: To take care of the students’ needs and to ensure smooth and successful placement in quality education and training

Those efforts of counseling and services wouldn’t be possible without the combined professional experience of our counselors and staff members, totaling to more than thirty years. Furthermore, one of our former senior counselors had become certified British Council’s Education UK in 2016:

  • Name: Johannes Hutabarat
    Certificate: British Council’s Education UK
    Certificate date: 16 September 2016

But with all those years and official certifications under our belt, we’d still humbly say, our learning is continuously on-going and the best is yet to come!

And one of those things to better serve you is our new e-learning platform, called the EDUCATION SOLUTION, for students who need to improve their TOEFL or IELTS scores in order to be admitted by their colleges or universities of choice. With this service started at the dawn of 2017, we are ready to overcome the major hurdles students, in big cities and small towns alike, face in finding excellent live tutorials of TOEFL and IELTS preparatory courses: heavy traffic conditions, tight school schedules, etc.

We look forward to even brighter future in professional relationships, and having fun along the way, with both our students and partner institutions.

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